The Scottish Salmon Company has developed its own 'native strain' of salmon broodstock. This unique Native Hebridean Salmon is heir to an ancestral bloodline stretching back millennia. Only salmon that share this pure Scottish island lineage and which are born, reared and harvested on the Hebrides qualify as Native Hebridean. Only superior quality salmon can be classed as 'Produce of the Isles'.


Descended from Hebridean stock, we rear our salmon only in Hebridean freshwater and sea lochs. Evolution has conditioned Native Hebridean Salmon to prosper in these nutrient-rich, though cold and turbulent waters, where they have thrived for generations.

scotland map showing the hebrides
These islands are the home of our Native Hebridean Salmon, which are available exclusively from The Scottish Salmon Company.

Together, this unique lineage, the environment and the very highest standards of animal husbandry enable the Native Hebridean salmon to grow strong and lean. Research has shown that Native Hebridean Salmon possess over 20% greater tensile strength than other farmed salmon. The benefits include firmer flesh, less gaping and an unsurpassed eating experience.



The Federation of Chefs Scotland gave the Native Hebridean Salmon an unequivocal “stamp of approval” for its outstanding quality, sea fresh taste, firmness and handling attributes. At a recent product evaluation session held in Scotland’s world famous Gleneagles Hotel, the representatives of The Federation were fulsome in their praise.

Bred, reared, processed and sold exclusively by The Scottish Salmon Company, the robust and vigorous Native Hebridean Salmon offer consumers a distinctive, fresh, firm and succulent eating experience that’s second to none.



  • “The taste and mouthfeel is excellent - fresh, buttery and melt-in-your-mouth salmon”
    The Federation of Chefs Scotland
  • Quotations provided by Ian MacDonald, David Littlewood and Andrew Hamer of The Federation of Chefs Scotland.
    The Federation of Chefs Scotland
  • “Fantastic product visually, I would definitely use Native Hebridean on my menus”
    The Federation of Chefs Scotland
  • “Great texture and taste which cooked really well with fresh and vibrant flavours”
    The Federation of Chefs Scotland
  • “Looks good, feels great – as close to wild salmon as we’ve seen”
    The Federation of Chefs Scotland

Once you have tried our Native Hebridean Salmon you will know why we are so proud of our ‘Produce of The Isles’.




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